Company History

ZHL Integrated Sdn Bhd (ZHLi) was formed under Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 1965 and incorporated on 2nd August 2011. A wholly owned Bumiputera status company established to wider Bumiputera participation in business encourage by the government.

The company is established to promote, develop and carry on all or any of the business of computer consultancy services, multimedia, and aid communication operator of cyber business center, dealers, agents and distributors of computer hardware, software, its accessories and components.

ZHLi is a  Sole Distributor of VisionTech Inc., Tsukuba, Japan for marketing, sales and engineering support of VisionTech products of which comprises of Satellite Data (ALOS & ASTER), Image Processing Software and Optical Instrument. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Milvus -1.

All of  ZHLi business solutions are supported by a wide range of value-added services that include, project management, maintenance, proactive network management, and customer support. All in all, we offer our clients  a comprehensive, high quality data communication services with a single point of contact.

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